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Broken review Jimmy McGovern blasts us with his misery cannon in this bruising drama Television radio The Guardian.
My last confession was Sean Bean! Through the lattice, playing a Catholic priest Father Michael Kerrigan in Jimmy McGoverns Broken BBC1. You dont think of Sean Bean Richard Sharpe, Ned Stark, Boromir as being cut from that kind of cloth.
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Broken, by The Guess Who from" Albert Flasher." Broken, by Lindsey Haun from the film Broken Bridges. Broken, by Jack Johnson from Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies, Soundtrack for the Film Curious George. Broken, by Leona Lewis from Echo. Broken, by McLean.
Broken: TV's' unmissable answer to Its a Wonderful Life with added Sean Bean Television radio The Guardian.
Warning: this article contains spoilers from Broken on the BBC. So Jimmy McGoverns harrowing but hope-filled Broken ended the way it should: with redemption for Father Michael Kerrigan, and reaffirmation that even the smallest acts can truly bring about change.

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